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Manage Google Marketing
With User Friendly Google Marking Features

IO Web provides Google Marketing platform is a unified advertising and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results. Google Marketing Platform brings together DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite to help you plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.

Easy to use tools

Use google free tools to make your marketing from site and app analytics to intuitive. Get better insights to drive your business.

Google Ads

Google Ads allows us to take advantage of the benefits of online advertising that can show your ads to customers in the right place and time. Online ads give the opportunity to reach potential customers as they use multiple devices.


Google Analytics

Analytics and optimization tools help you grow your business with solutions for all of your needs in smarter marketing. Get the most out of your data with features like analytics intelligence, detailed reporting and much more.

Smarter search campaigns

Search campaign management helps you respond to an every-changing market in real time and at scale. Respond in real time to give your search campaigns an edge with up-to-the -minute data and improve the performance of your search campaigns with smart bidding.

Big results for smaller budgets

Tools are free, access free and self-service solutions that take your marketing to new heights. It allows you to control your costs and the amount of money that you wish to spend in each ad. It can deliver your service or product details to customers more faster, and quickly achieve your goals.