Social media management is a growing trend among businesses because it can improve results drastically. That’s because the tools that you can use to manage your social networking give you a great deal of information that can help you gain more followers, become more relevant to the followers that you do have, and ultimately, grow your business through social media. Before we get into why social media management is so important, let’s first define the term.

You know what social media is. Social media management is just the methods that you use to maintain and update those social networks.

These days, many companies have a specific person or team that manages social networks, but social network management might also refer to the tools that you use to keep your social networks updated. Either way, it isn’t likely that you’ll have enough time to handle, update and communicate with all of your social networks, even at the beginning, much less when your networks begin to grow in popularity.

Social media management not only helps you with managing your social network, both outgoing and incoming communications, but also all of the other aspects of small business social marketing more efficiently. It allows you to have a smooth and a working plan as to how you are going to post, respond to followers and fans and take the information that they interactions provide so that you can use it to make your business better.

Social media management is across all of the platforms that you use, including your blog. Social media management also allows you to combine forces with your marketing efforts and your social networking so that all of your efforts work together to accomplish your business goals.

Why is Social Media Management so Important?


Social media management is important for many reasons. First of all, social networking is just that – social. That means that whether you are good or bad at social networking, the word will get around. It is absolutely imperative that you make your best effort in social media because when you fail to respond to problems or grievances on social networking sites, you are risking the sharing and alienation of more than just the person that originally had the grievance.

It is also important that you use social media to take part in conversations about your own brand and find out information about the industry in general, and your competitors. Even if you aren’t actually pursuing an active social media plan yet, you are able to get information and keep tabs on what people are saying and that is important for trends, problems and basic information.

It allows you to know what people are saying about your company, both the good and the bad, as well as what is being said about your competitors as well. You also get information on current trends as they are happening.

By making your company a part of the conversation and keeping updated on what is happening, you not only build your expertise and credibility, you also help build your company’s positive image. You also can do damage control quickly, when it happens by responding to complaints. In addition, social media can help you expose potential customers to your more active marketing programs.

Do Social Networking and Do it Right

If you use social networking correctly, it can help you in many different ways, not the least of them is generating leads and attracting new customers. But maintaining social networking sites, posting relevant content on all of them and being part of the conversation takes a great deal of time and energy if you do it manually. For example, you must create content across multiple platforms. Even if you are only using Twitter, Facebook and a company blog, you still are spending several hours per week.

You also need to be checking Twitter and Facebook for conversations that mention your company as well as checking Google Alerts to find out if your company is being discussed on the web. You also must monitor and interact with the community on sites like LinkedIn, and then there are the pictures for visual social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

The bottom line is that you simply can’t do without social media management if you want to get the most from your social networking.

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