Frosted Glass

In today’s world, it’s a well-liked trend. It’s also one of the simplest and coolest effects to make and use. The scene is enhanced by the glassy appearance. It offers elements behind each other a semi-transparent and fuzzy appearance.

The frosted glass effect may now be easily implemented on websites thanks to recent improvements in web technology. The hazy appearance of components behind the frosted glass overlay adds color to an area while allowing text or objects to appear over the image while being readable. It’s a popular choice among designers, and it’s been utilized to replace gradients as a background.

Color scheme with a gradient

To begin with, they provide more room for innovation. Second, the user is apprehensive. On the one hand, they adore minimalism, and on the other, they tend to believe that when a designer sees only two colours, he hasn’t put any effort into the design…!! So, even if you’re building a basic design, incorporating gradients is a great alternative. Finally, the gradient gives the impression of movement. In a nutshell, it’s a motion design analogue without the animation. 

With Instagram’s gradient logo, this graphic design trend made a resurgence in 2018. It has set new norms in terms of originality and engagement since then. According to polls and expert remarks, this tendency isn’t going away anytime soon. As a result, it is one of the most popular web design trends in 2021.

3D content that is interactive

In terms of web design, 3D is unquestionably the hottest trend. It is intriguing, interesting, exciting, and provides visitors an amazing feeling. Web designers can now realize their dream of creating an excellent website that stands out from the crowd owing to new web technologies.

3D features have been popular for a long time and are one of the few evergreen trends that are unlikely to fade away anytime soon. So, let your imagination go wild with the amazing 3D elements.

Web Design Trends in Dark Mode and Low Light

Dark mode is one of the most popular web design ideas for 2021. In any case, dark mode, night shift, and other low-light user interface options are popular because they give users with a low-contrast site or app that is easier to view in dim light.

Furthermore, black is a particularly powerful color that evokes strong feelings in people and may easily overpower a person if used excessively. When you wish to showcase a specific type of content, the dark mode comes in handy. Dark mode is used in Spotify, Netflix, and Steam. Dark mode is available in some of the most popular apps and services, including Instagram, Twitter, Apple, and Android.

Micro Animations

Micro animations, as the name implies, are little animations. In this example, though, tiny does not imply insignificance. When it comes to directing customers through their interactions with your website, they are quite useful. Micro animations have been popular for a few years, but in 2021, it will be all about naturally using them.

Micro animations are one of the current web design trends for e-commerce sites to improve the user experience and give shoppers a taste of their items. Micro animations, for example, are already being used by this yoga gear retailer to show customers how their outfits fit and move on real people.